West Week Ever – 12/14/12


So, I can’t say this has truly been the WEST week ever. Last week was good, so I guess I had this coming. I’m just not “feeling” the internet right now. Between all the Gail Simone bullshit, and the endless speculation over things that are 1-2 years away, it just gets tiring. Plus, I’m slipping into my whole “Why do I do this?” thing again. I mean, seriously, I could switch to only doing Thrift Justice posts, and I’d probably be more popular. We don’t do this for “fame”, but I kinda wish I got more out of it. I’m not entirely sure what I want, but this ain’t it. I don’t get invited  to the reindeer games of the blogging world. Starting to think I need a team or an umbrella under which to do things. Just sorta tired of feeling like it’s Me Against the Net, in a battle that only I’m aware of. Anyway, the show must go on, and all that jazz!


Here’s something cool I found the other day:

Apparently, Pentatonix won the 3rd season of The Sing Off. I totally forgot there was a 3rd season. Anyway, that was pretty cool. Nice to see they pulled it off. Back in college, there was a 6-person coed group called RL Six (say it fast, and you’ll get the “joke”), and the rest of us swore that you couldn’t get a great sound from just 6 people. If you had 6 guys, sure. 6 girls, maybe. But a 6-person coed group would be missing too many voice parts. Pentatonix pull it off with 5, though the chick is probably the weakest member.


Any of you kids of the 80s/90s remember ProStars? It aired on NBC Saturday mornings for a season, and it featured Wayne Gretzky, Bo Jackson, and Michael Jordan as a team of heroes who always helped kids who were in trouble. Lately, I’ve been watching it on THIS is For Kids (THIS is a free digital subchannel that probably hangs out near whatever channel is The CW for you), and it’s a shame it didn’t last longer so we’d just see the wheels fall off that concept. I mean, from what we now know about Jordan, he was way too much of an asshole to be a part of such an enterprise. Seriously, the show includes pretaped vignettes where Bo or Wayne describe the day’s episode. There’s pretaped stock footage of Jordan, but he’s usually shooting a basketball or saying something like “Stay In School”. He couldn’t even be bothered to record pertinent interstitials! I’d love a followup special, as Bo currently Knows Anonymity, Gretzky’s hot daughter is more famous than he is, and Jordan would’ve lost all of the ProStars tech to pay off gambling debts. I’m not really a sports guy, and I already asked this on Twitter, but who would be on a present-day ProStars team?


Someone on Twitter recently said that, in Pokemon terms, Krysten Ritter was the evolved form of Zooey Deschanel. I kinda agree, but I think there’s more to it than that. Just like Pichu evolves into Pikachu who evolves into Raichu, Zooey evolves into Krysten, who then evolves into Lizzy Caplan. If you’re curious as to why, ask me in the comments…



OK, so WordPress is being all weird, so I’ll wrap things now. Before I go, don’t forget to enter Geeks For Tots!

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5 thoughts on “West Week Ever – 12/14/12

  1. Never invited to the reindeer games? Punk, you’ve been on so many podcasts lately that I can literally hear your speaking voice when I read these posts. You’re like the Charles Nelson Reilly of the internet…

  2. “The Charles Nelson Reilly of the Internet”! That’s honestly what I’ve been going for. I guess I separate podcasts and blogs. I’ve had a nice podcast run, but I still feel left out of certain things. A cursory glance around our certain corner of the net will show you what I mean. It’s just me being e-dramatic, I guess.

  3. “A cursory glance around our certain corner of the net will show you what I mean.”

    I promise you it doesn’t. Clearly whatever you’re not in on, I’m not in on either…

  4. I have absolutely no idea what kind of blogging circles you’re feeling left out of, but I promise you that blogging is just as cliquey… and just as meaningless… as the real world.

    There’s a secret clubhouse I’m part of, but no martinis in cute glasses. Meanwhile, there are other things I’ve conspicuously never been tapped for. Bottom line, this stuff is like 90% networking, and I don’t even think the other 10% is merit. If you’re not being included in something, it has nothing to do with whether or not you’re a good blogger or expert in something and everything to do with whether or not you are (or even are geographically capable of) drinking beers with so-and-so every Friday.

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