The Greatest Haul FINALE

Yeah, so…if you’ve been following this site recently, you’ll remember that I started a whole multipart “saga” that I called “The Greatest Haul”. Basically, it detailed my first full foray into the world of yard sales.

At the time, I thought I’d uncovered the mother lode. I boasted on Twitter that what Id acquired would make all of my followers weep with jealousy. I couldn’t compose all my thoughts at the time, so I thought I would draw things out – make it a mega event for the site. The problem, however, is that the bloom wore off over time. There was no “greatest haul” – there was just a haul.

What started out as an “investment” really revealed itself as a pile of stuff in the guest bedroom. Sure, the stuff would definitely be of interest to someone, somewhere, but I really didn’t have the avenue through which to connect them. It would need to be sorted and organized, and researched. At the end of the day, I’d gotten a great deal on a bunch of great stuff for which I really didn’t have a use.

A good portion of the haul was comprised of trading cards. Baseball, football, hockey, Marvel Universe – Hell, even Stargate and In Living Color cards. I chucked most of the nonsport cards (that market’s DEAD), and I found myself with roughly 7,000 sports cards. Well, through the magic of craigslist, I sold those off for a tiny profit. Still, I was left with the comic & toy portion of the haul. What to do with all of that stuff? And then it hit me. Just as one comic event leads into the next, I realized the Greatest Haul had to end so that the next big thing could begin. This would be the biggest, craziest project I’ve ever come up with, but it opens up a world of possibilities. What might that be? Well, you’ll just have to check back tomorrow.


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