So, apparently, something newsworthy came out of Central NY that’s NOT about Cornell. For all you politicos out there, I’m sure you’ve heard about the controversy surrounding “Washingtonienne”, AKA Jessica Cutler. Ms. Cutler, a Syracuse grad, was a Capitol Hill staffer who routinely engaged in office sex, while playing a couple of guys on the side. The problem here is that she decided to post about each encounter on her blog…at work….on Capitol Hill. So, of course, she was fired last week for inappropriate use of government computers and equipment. She claims she didn’t really care because she hated the job anyway. Apparently, she’d decided that 25K was just too little to live off of, so most of her living expenses were paid by the men she was sleeping with. In fact, one guy in her posse routinely gave her $400 for anal sex. The beauty of the whole affair is her blase attitude about it all. To read her whole journal for yourself, hop on over to http://washingtoniennearchive.blogspot.com , and there’s a color picture of her at http://www.ilovejennabush.com. She keeps talking about how hot she is, but she’s not really. I guess I’ve got to applaud her moxy and inflated sense of self worth. Anyway, I think Monica taught us all that anyone can get laid on Capitol Hill. God Bless America!