And Now, A Message From The Power Rangers

To this day, I still say that the meanest thing I’ve ever heard was on a “Message from the Power Rangers” public service announcement from about 10 years ago. it was about how kids should be nice and considerate to others. Of course, they had to have an example of a bad kid, but this guy was a Grade A motherfucker.

He comes into the Juice bar, and addresses the owner of the establishment. “Hey, Ernie, I used to have a shirt like that…until my father got a job!” That statement was wrong on SO many levels. Keep in mind, Ernie was a grown man and looked like he was about to cry. These were tears from a place long forgotten, unearthed by this little bastards desire to be big shit.

Over the years, I’ve reflected upon this exchange, and the sadness in my heart only grows upon each reflection.

“…until my father got a job”. Man, that’s fucked up.