Thrift Justice – One For Me, And One For You


Welcome back to another installment of everyone’s favorite feature, Thrift Justice! As most of you know, I run Will’s World of Wonder, where I happen to resell a lot of the stuff that I find. Today, I’m gonna show you some stuff that I got for myself, but also some stuff that I particularly plan to resell.

2013-05-05 21.49.59

I collect deluxe Power Rangers Megazords, and I’ve been looking for the yellow Turbo Rescue Zord for quite some time. Luckily, I finally tracked it down, and I was able to complete my Turbo Rescue Megazord:

2013-05-05 23.22.21

For some reason, yellow Zords tend to be the hardest for me to find when I’m trying to assemble Megazords in piecemeal fashion. I also needed the yellow Lightspeed Rescue Zord, which I happened to get through a Craigslist deal.

2013-05-25 22.11.44

As life likes to play cruel jokes, it turns out Special Forces had one that he was planning to give me later that day. Anyway, I now have a complete Lightspeed Megazord:

2013-06-04 22.01.43

To wrap up the Power Rangers trifecta, I tracked down the yellow Jungle Fury zord from another Craigslist lot. If you recall, I’d had some issues with this zord in the past. Anyway, I finally have the correct one, and I now have a complete Jungle Pride Megazord:

2013-06-04 21.56.42

I haven’t talked about it in a bit, but I was quite the Stargate fan. From SG-1 to Universe (never really cared for Atlantis), I loved the Hell out of that franchise. That’s why I was pleased to find this talking Hallmark ornament for $0.99.

2013-06-04 21.55.28

The likenesses may not be spot on, but it plays actual dialogue from the show. This is the kind of ornament that won’t be restricted to just Christmas. This is a year-round ornament!

2013-06-04 22.04.52

This will come off as sacrilege to some, but I’ve never been a Monty Python fan. Don’t find it funny. Only bit that ever remotely made me laugh was the whole “It’s merely a flesh wound” thing. Anyway, I’m no fool when it comes to collectibles, so I snatched up this 14-disc complete series set for $15. I’ve currently got it on Amazon, as I’m not sure it’s the kind of thing that appeals to my typical WWoW clientele.

2013-06-04 22.32.39

If you’re familiar with the comic industry, then you probably know about the Kubert School, which specializes in cartooning and graphic design. Started by the late, great artist, Joe Kubert, many of the industry’s hottest artists are alumni of the institution. The Kubert School also runs a sort of correspondence course, with lessons focusing on different topics. This oversized book is the course textbook for the Horror course. These typically come in a kit sold for $250, but I picked this up for $3.63. It’s never been used, so I shouldn’t have a problem finding an artistic buyer for it.

Anyway, I’ve got to cut this short, as I’m on my way to Ithaca, but thanks for reading. Be sure to come back Friday for West Week Ever!


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  1. The Flying Circus collection is WORTH the whole post!! (I’ve seen some but not all) That Stargate ornament is nice. Good stuff this round Will!

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