Hearts & Minds: My Fox Reality Show Pitch

There’s a part of me that hates the idea of this post because I’m sure someone will steal my idea. Anyway, here goes:

I think Fox (and only Fox, ’cause they’re the only network that would sink this low) should create a new dating show, which I’ve titled “Hearts & Minds”. This show would revolve around a guy suffering from amnesia, who is sent out on a group date, a la “elimiDATE”. Essentially, this amnesiac would simultaneously go out with 4 women. “Where’s the catch,” you ask? Well, these four women would actually be the guy’s ex-girlfriends. Since he has amnesia, the draw of the show would be whether or not they are able to jog his memory.

For instance, say he had loved one of them more than the others. Would his feelings for her prevail despite his lack of memory regarding her? Suppose one of them had cheated on him. Would he, on some subconscious level, still feel a sense of pain just by looking at her, without even understanding why?

Your average layman knows nothing about the circumstances surrounding amnesia. If nothing else, Fox could promote it as some sort of educational fare, like they used to do with “When Animals Attack”.

Of course, you couldn’t have a new amnesiac every week, so I think it’d be more of a “Joe Millionaire” setup. You’ve gotta choose one guy and stick with him for a whole season. “Four” sounds like a good number of “serious” ex-girlfriends to have had by your mid-twenties/early thirties. Maybe five, for good measure. Then, you’d send them, along with Mr. Memory Loss off to some kind of beautiful island (It seems like Fox knows where all the best resorts are..”Temptation Island”, “Paradise Hotel”, “Forever Eden”). Then, you’d let sparks fly along the beachside backdrop. This really isn’t as hokey as it sounds. I almost guarantee you’ll see an idea like this in the next year or so. Look at it this way: a year ago, if someone had proposed a gay makeover show to you, you probably would’ve scoffed at that too!

And no, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” had nothing to do with this post. I came up with this idea months ago, during my “blog hiatus”. Any similarities are coincidental. After all, “Great minds…”