Remember That Show? Episode 3: The Mini-Monsters AND 3.5: Little Dracula

Happy Halloween! Things ain’t so great in Westworld right now, but the show must go on! That’s why I’m here to let ya know that we’ve got a podcast “double shot” this month, with episode 3 AND episode 3.5. Let’s run back the tape so you get a better understanding of what happened here.

To get into the holiday spirit of “Spooky Season”, Adam and I decided to cover the horror segment of the late 80s syndicated cartoon package The Comic Strip, called The Mini-Monsters. No, you’ve never heard of it, and for good reason: The Comic Strip, created by Rankin/Bass – the company behind all those classic Christmas specials, is pretty much only known for TigerSharks. That show was a failed attempt to cash in on the SilverHawks/ThunderCats craze, in that it was a humanoid hybrid team designed to sell toys. SilverHawks had space, ThunderCats had…space, and TigerSharks had *checks notes* water. Yeah, one of these things ain’t like the other. Anyway, if you remember anything about The Comic Strip existing, it’s most likely because of TigerSharks and nothing else. So, we clearly weren’t batting 1000. It also didn’t help that The Mini-Monsters was beyond forgettable. Nothing of value there, so I had nothing good to say about it.

After some reflection, I felt bad about the whole enterprise, as I didn’t get into this to just shit on things. That’s just too easy. I even reached out to Adam, suggesting maybe we try to re-record the episode. That’s when he presented a great idea: in the spirit of Halloween, we’d be offering both a Trick and a Treat. The lackluster experience with The Mini-Monsters would be our “trick”, while we would record another Halloween-themed episode, this time focusing on the Fox Kids cartoon Little Dracula, as our “treat”. Oh, and since we both love that Marvel marketing machine, we’d go with “3.5” instead of “4”, which will forever mess up our numbering scheme! Anyway, the trick dropped last week, while the treat hit yesterday, and you can experience both, RIGHT NOW! Check it out wherever fine podcasts are sold. Oh, and tell your friends. They’ll LOVE it!