Remember That Show? Episode 6: Masters of the Maze

It’s another month, which means another episode of Remember That Show?! This time around, Adam & I tackle the world of kids’ game shows, and we settled on The Family Channel’s Masters of the Maze. Notice I said “settled”, as I originally thought we were doing Fun House – ya know, a syndicated show everyone sorta remembers. I had forgotten, however, that Masters of the Maze was chosen because it not only gave us Fun House‘s JD Roth, but it also tossed in Saved By The Bell‘s Mario Lopez. Each hosted a full season, so we got the chance to compare and contrast the show during each of their tenures.

Masters of the Maze was released at a unique time, as it was just before Fox and Saban swooped in and bought The Family Channel. Meanwhile Mario Lopez had just hopped off TNBC’s Name Your Adventure, but hadn’t quite joined Pacific Blue yet. This was basically an “in between” project for many involved, and it showed. I’m not even gonna try to summarize the plot of this game show, as none of it made any sense. Just listen to the episode, and you’ll see what I mean!

You can listen here, or find it on any of your favorite podcatchers! Oh, and be sure to stay til the end of the episode, as we’ve got some exciting news about the future of the show!


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