Remember That Show? Episode 4: Parker Lewis Can’t Lose

Welcome back to Remember That Show?, where my buddy Adam and I discuss some old, forgotten shows, and wonder if we’re the only ones who remember them. So, I know we’re only 4.5 episodes into this experiment, but I feel like we really turned a corner with this one! Ya see, this is the most successful – and longest running – series we’ve covered so far. Yes, we’re going back to the early days of the Fox network, tackling early 90s gem Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.

Parker Lewis Can’t Lose starred former Webster cast member Corin Nemec as, well, Parker Lewis – a charming, scheming high schooler, who just sort of wants to make the world a better place. Think of it like “Zack Morris ISN’T Trash”. While it tends to be written off merely as a “Ferris Bueller ripoff”, that really couldn’t be further from the truth. We get into the Ferris parallels, as well as how Parker Lewis vanquished that foe when the 2 properties battled across networks. Plus, be sure to listen to the end, for our Show Doctors segment, where we share our ideas as to how we would have either kept the show running OR how we would bring it back today. We had a lot of fun, so you’re gonna want to check it out.

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