West Week Ever – 6/14/13



I blogged EVERY DAY this week, including an unplanned “Three Days of Justice”. I know daily posts aren’t a big deal for many sites, but they have a much larger readership than I do. Most of my readers won’t get through those for a month (including my wife, who has to be begged to read it). So, this is mostly a video post. Sit back, turn down your speakers, and enjoy the show!

I know this won’t appeal to most, but I was really fascinated by Dylan Sprouse’s account of why the Zack & Cody/The Suite Life franchise ended, as well as the aborted spinoff idea. Embedding’s disabled, so you can watch it here.

So, those Sunny credits noises actually mean something? They really love the color brown, I guess…

I finally got around to watching that McBain movie, which is pretty incredible. This has been around a good month, but just in case you didn’t know, the McBain scenes from The Simpsons actually form a complete movie, as seen above. I love continuity like that!

A hot song, with an even hotter video. This is what Ke$ha should be, were she not just taking whatever scraps Dr. Luke throws her way.

I can’t tell if I hate this or love it. It’s filled with every cliche in the book. At the same time, it’s a catchy pop tune under all the faux-metal stylings. I do, however, just wanna yell “Bitch, enough with the wind machine! Stand the fuck up!”



Though the writing has gotten somewhat pedestrian lately, every now and then Grantland posts something that makes me say, “My God, I want to write for this site!” This is one of those posts. Rembert Browne ranks the Top 25 sitcom fonts of the 90s. He’s not wrong on any count, and the list is perfect.

I love this for obvious reasons that need no explanation at this point.

DO IT, ROCKAPELLA! And when you’re done, let’s meet back here and talk about dude’s hair…

That’s enough videos for this week. Oh, since it’s payday, be sure to buy something from Will’s World of Wonder!

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One is the last son of Krypton, the other is faster than a speeding bullet. One has been mistaken for birds and planes, while the other is the “Man of Steel”. Only one, however, could have the West Week Ever…right?



What? You thought it was gonna be Microsoft? Go see Man of Steel, in theaters now!


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  1. I actually haven’t seen it. I was gonna go with Robots PJs but couldn’t get down to VA in time. Kinda like Iron Man 3, I’m not really excited for it – I see it more as a fanboy obligation. Was it worth seeing?

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