Wanna Honor Your Dead Loved One? Put ‘Em On A Hoodie!

“Dear Lord Baby Jesus, I’d like to thank you for my two beautiful sons: Walker and Texas Ranger.”

So, there’s this new trend going on in the inner cities of America: the Memorial T-Shirt. Yes, if you’ve lost a loved one, be it your dad, dog, or dawg, you can let the world know that they’re gone but not forgotten by having their image emblazoned on a t-shirt.

I recently read an article in the City Paper about a guy who only wears memorial gear in honor of his dead dog (4 legs, shits on newspaper). He’s got sweats, hoodies, etc.

Well, anyway, I was working at H&M today (yeah, I’m back @ H&M part-time; story for another time) and one of the trainees was wearing a Mem-T AND Mem-Hoodie in honor of her dad. In a way it’s touching, and in a way it’s a bit overbearing. I mean, what’s someone supposed to say to that? Do you ignore it? I mean, it seems like something to garner attention, and it would be hard to generally “respect the privacy” and all that jazz. I mean, she’s literally wearing her heart on her sleeve, and it’s a size 4. All I could think of was, “So…you lost your dad, huh? Kinda sucks. But it IS cool that you’ve got him on a shirt. I wish I got a shirt when my dad died. I mean, all I got was an insurance settlement, but you know, a shirt’s cool, too…”