Williambrucewest.com Season 2

So, this morning I renewed my URL. Yes, folks: www.williambrucewest.com will be back for Season 2, starting in February.

Don’t worry. Until then, you’ll still get your daily dose of Big Willie Style goodness, but February’s gonna bring some surprises.

We’re working on a new format. I’m finally gonna do something with that “Database” section. There’ll be new cast members. New plot twists. And dare we say, new job?!!!

Tune in Feb ’05, ’cause www.williambrucewest.com is gonna be the place to be!

In the meantime, today was monumental in the Westverse. Ju-wan got fired and Bruce quit. My people are leaving! I swear, if Brandy quits, it’s all over. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: H&M store #71 is going to be an entirely different place come February. Will I stay around to witness the changes? Stay tuned…

P.S. Thanks to all of you who used some form of modern communication to wish me a Happy Birthday! I appreciate the kind words from those of you who contacted me!