So, I got a promotion the other day. Nothing too special. I’m now a “Salesfloor Responsible”. Basically, that means I can make returns. Nope, I couldn’t do that before. Soon, they might let me operate the deep fryer…Wait a minute, we don’t have a deep fryer. Still feels like we do.

Anyway, I’ve come to realize that anyone interested in viewing my life should watch the anime series ‘Goldenboy”. To sum it up, it’s about Kintaro Oe, this ditz who always works McJobs, and ends up getting in weird, humorous yet unprofessional situations with women. Even though he seems like a klutz, he always ends up saving the day, and having the women fall for him. At that point, he leaves town, and does the same thing over again in a new place. The catch is that Kintaro is NOT a ditz. In fact, it turns out he was a law student, who was just one credit shy of graduating. Instead, he kinda had a breakdown, and decided to go out and see the world, to find himself.