Free Cartoons and My Tribute To Carmen Sandiego

My new favorite site is !

It’s a site for FREE CARTOONS!!! It sucks on dial-up, but it’s worth it for the “Super Mario Bros. Super Show” alone! I forgot how great that theme song was.

Another show on the site, with an AMAZING theme song is “Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego”. And I’m not talking about the gameshow. The cartoon, along with “G.I.Joe The Movie”, has the distinction of containing an entire saga in the opening montage alone. The initial 30 seconds tell a story by themselves. But they might need to edit out the WTC in the background. Even Carmen’s not THAT much of a bitch…

Speaking of Carmen, remember the Pre-Doom and Pre-Quake days, when the Carmen franchise was the biggest thing on the PC? I really miss those days. I caught that ho in the world before I caught her in the US. I mean, c’mon, I wouldn’t even know Reykjavik existed if it hadn’t been for that wench. Even so, the US ain’t as easy to navigate as some might think. A two-bit crook could blend in mighty easily out there in Oklahoma or Minnesota, and that’s usually where Justin Case and Carmen liked to hide. You’d get too close, and they’d fire a slingshot at you. A SLINGSHOT!! Can someone remind me why we were so scared of Carmen Sandiego?!!! A chick in a Fedora, and the world is shitting bricks. I guess that’s a testament to the power of a strong, assertive woman.