Why I Hate thefacebook.com

Let’s talk social-networking websites. Let me say that I really hate thefacebook.com. I’m on it ’cause it’s where most of the Cornell kids are, but I’m not the biggest fan of the interface. Plus, it’s kind of elitest, considering the schools that are connected to it. Let me ask this, though: WTF is UVA doing there?!!! You’ve got all these Ivies, Duke, MIT, and then you’ve got UVA?!!! I’ve never bought into the whole Ivy Elite hype ’cause we were a 2nd tier Ivy. Cornell is not what people immediately think of. It’s always Harvard, Princeton, Brown, and Yale.

Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of thefacebook’s…”clientele”. It seems to be a tool that’s only useful for freshman looking for good party connections and the latest crush party info. It’s like an e-Uris: a digital substitute for face time. It does nothing for alums or anyone who’s no longer in Ithaca. It’s predominantly ’07 kids. Plus, I don’t really like how it integrates to show if you’re online and stuff. I guess some people like it. The gist of it is that I prolly never should’ve joined. It’s all Tristan’s fault! Anyway, I’ve sought out those who I feel I WANT to be connected with, and if I find any others, we’ll link up. Otherwise, you can find me on Friendster.

I prefer Friendster ’cause it’s not so isolationist. I can reconnect with that weird kid who ate glue in 1st grade and find out that he works for NASA now. There are loftier revelations involved with Friendster, while most of the people I’m connected to on facebook have heard from me in the last 6 months. No real suspense there. Plus, Friendster has greatly added to my “special guest star” drama of the previous post.

But here’s my Friendster warning: Ladies, stop messaging me just because of my picture. I know this sounds cocky, and it’s not supposed to, but I put it all out there in the profile: I’m a geek. Plain and simple. Some people might think I’m a cute geek, but I’m a geek, nonetheless. If you get a reply from me that you don’t necessarily like, or it’s not “cool” enough for you, remember: the writing was on the wall from the get-go. Now, if you happen to LIKE geeks…