Why Did Carrie Have To Choose Big?

Before I go, I also have to comment on something: The Sex and the City finale. Yes, this is about 2 months overdue, but something about it really got to me. Now, I’ve watched the majority of the seasons at this point, and I’m fairly familiar with the whole Carrie-Big fiasco. Regardless, I really find it a cop-out that she ended up with Big. The man is incapable of commitment. Let’s see, he’s been married twice that we know of, and he even cheated on one wife with Carrie. OK, Ms. Bradshaw, you’re such a hip and smart NYC gal, what makes you think he won’t do this to you? It would’ve been a better ending if she had finally realized her independence, rather than succumbing to the fact that she’s a fraud. The msg she sent was “Sometimes, your ship comes in, but you’ve got to take a lot for the team over a 6 year period.” Plus, who’s NOT surprised that his name is “John”. He LOOKS like a “John”. Big reveal there, Darrin Starr!

Also, Charlotte’s Chinese baby?!!! I watched the whole season in the course of a night, so maybe i had a bit of STAC overload. I’ll revisit this topic later, but I was so passionate about my “24” post that I needed to expel some energy elsewhere.