You Should Be Watching Nip/Tuck

I’ve decided that Nip/Tuck is one of the best new shows on TV. Screw The OC. I used to watch that show back when it was called 90210! Nip/Tuck has been on for about a month, and I never know where it’s going next. Take for instance the character Matt. His father is a plastic surgeon, and Matt wants to have a circumcision. His dad refuses to perform the operation, so Matt decides to do it himself. He finds directions on the internet, but before he can do it, he has to get drunk enough to work up the nerve. After guzzling a bottle of wine, he starts cutting, but faints when he sees how much blood there is. Finally, his dad intervenes and helps him, but that’s not the end of the story for Matt.

Christian is Sean’s (Matt’s dad) best friend and partner in a plastic surgery practice. Chrisitan is a womanizer who’s also sleeping with Sean’s wife (Matt’s mom). Follow all that? Well, Christian figures they can make a ton of money if they can acquire an exclusive contract from a porn company. While shmoozing, he’s invited to an industry party, and he takes Matt along with him. Well, Matt meets a porn star who, according to her, “Can’t stop sucking on things”. He lies to her, telling her he’s an agent, and I’m sure you can guess what happens next. Well, he goes to see her, to confess that he lied, and she’s sitting there crying. The typical viewer would say “Uh-oh, she’s pregnant”. Instead, turns out she has an STD. She was a fluffer working her way up the porn industry (heh, who ever thought one would have to work their way up in porn? Wow, sucking off guys. Isn’t that as high as you can go? i guess it’s because she’s not yet on film…), and she got the disease from one of the guys she had been fluffing. Of course, she gave this to Matt, who’s now freaked out of his mind. A week ago, he fucked up his own penis, and now hes got porn stars doing it for him. This show just gets better and better!